The new KITEBIRD line seamlessly combines optimal equipment functionality with high-level art. The line’s artistic style is a real treat for lovers of aerial maneuvers. This original design heightens the excitement that no kitesurfing enthusiast can do without. Who among us doesn’t feel the constant pull of the water and the waves, calling us to leap from their edge towards the sky and feel the euphoria rushing through our veins?

The bird-inspired motifs perfectly capture our instinctive longing for what mankind has always dreamt of while watching birds glide through the heavens: FREEDOM! Our new design is dedicated to all those VIRTUOSOS who want to soar to new heights. Our boards will give you wings!

And the next time you take off into the air and look at the world upside-down, shout our motto with all your might: READY 2 FLY!

The Edge is an entirely new board from SU2. As ever with the well-established Polish brand, you can expect the aesthetics to be spot on and with the E...