Hybrid core - is a combination of wood. And special construction foam. Core is harder, less flexible -but super light, gives great up-wind abilities, we also use it for our top NEW SHOOL board Prorider 3D

Wooden core - wood is a natural super flexible material, wood core is light, with a great and equal flex all over the board, wooden core gives outstanding riding ability for free ride, but combined with carbon reinforcements is spectacular, boards became super light, but super durable with active flex behaviour.


All is about good upwind  so we developed 3 technologies and applied them  in all our hybrid boards.


Made out of carbon and kevlar, top technologies in our top products. This construction gives strength, durability and sure edge, but board is not really flexible, its damm hard.

Some of our models are made partially from carbon, this reinforcement given in the middle of the board gives additional stability, better active flexibility and reduce weight.

Special construction allows the stream of water to flow without disruptions , hybrid core, and diagonal reinforcements gives to our board a great anti-vibration characteristics.

Active flex means that board do not work the same on tips and on a middle part, thanks to certain reinforcements and using different flex materials some of our boards can give better response during pops, landings and regular riding, which improve comfort and handling of a board.

This new concept of 3-parts/element/ connective in SPLITboard is perfect choice for traveling kitesurfers.No more extra payment for your quiver at airports !!SU-2 Split Kite Travel Board is easy and quick to assembly. Due to normal board size 138cmx41cm, you can simple change this dimensions to; 69x41x8cm pack!! It’s enough to pack it up  into regular suitcase. Innovation in SU-2 SPTB is third element – connective; special molded carbon plate, is responsible for long time durability and endurance.The carbon plate connective giving this board normal flex, pop and rocker as regular  all-around kiteboard! 

When u need as lightest board as possible  climb up for our premium solutions, cosmic materials, epoxy resins, carbon and kevlar , gives a noticeable drop of weight.

Reinforced and shaped for boots usage, don't worry about strong edging or hard landings, our board survives it.