On the Edge Hybrid Split

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The latest technology and the best materials – carbon and Kevlar – have been combined in the ideal shape. It’s the “HOLY GRAIL OF KITEBOARDING”. We all want to make light, durable, comfortable boards that ride well upwind, with an amazing pop and smooth landing—and with On The Edge we’ve done just that! This is a board for kitesurfers of all stripes. From beginners who will appreciate its ease in riding upwind, intermediate kitesurfers who will love its comfort and stable feel under their legs, through to advanced riders who can go nuts after their first few jumps. As the name suggests, this board rides “THE EDGE” like no other. It’s a must-have in your quiver. Try it once, and you’ll never want another board again.

Hybrid version of our leading board, a bit harder, better pop and edge, but less responsive.


This new concept of 3-parts/element/ connective in SPLITboard is perfect choice for traveling kitesurfers. No more extra payment for your quiver at airports !!SU-2 Split Kite Travel Board is easy and quick to assembly. Due to normal board size 138cmx41cm, you can simple change this dimensions to; 69x41x8cm pack!! It’s enough to pack it up  into regular suitcase. Innovation in SU-2 SPTB is third element – connective; special molded carbon plate, is responsible for long time durability and endurance.The carbon plate connective giving this board normal flex, pop and rocker as regular  all-around kiteboard! 

SU-2 SPTB boards meets all nautical requirements, even with advance – connective  is reducing longitudinal twisting of the board. Our Test riders were fascinated abilities of SPLITKiteboard and positive feedback ! Thanks to  this superb technology you will no more need huge bags. We promise you


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On the Edge Hybrid

On the Edge Hybrid

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599.00€ Ex Tax: 486.99€

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