Sina Sanderink

Hi there,I am Sina, a passionate kiteboarder from Switzerland. My passion for kitesurfing started in 2011. Back then I lived very far away from the next kite spot, ended up only kiting once a year or even less. Ever since I have dreamt of living at tropical, windy kite spots. It took me until 2017 to make it happen. Since then I have been traveling & kiting all year & working remotely - doing outsourcing, property management & digital marketing. Besides doing freestyle tricks I also love going to the gym and study digital marketing online.

Favorite board: Prorider 3D

Łukasz Ceran

Since I remember I was into water sports. I was 6 years old when I started sailing on an Optimist boat. Later I switched to windsurfing, and then to kite, wake & surfing. I was competing in the World Cup for several years. My best results were 3rd place in kiteracing (Greece 2008), 5th in Freestyle (Italy 2008) and 5th in waveriding (Morocco 2009). Afterwards I began to share my skills and coach others, competitors and amateurs. My hobby became my passion and my passion became my work. And my work is still is my passion. If you want to ride with me, join me at my ProCamp.  

Favorite boardOn The Edge Classic

Lidia Piechota

Lidia Piechota is mom of Zac, journalist, tv presenter and a blogger. She is a great enthusiast of extreme sports. Her favourite one is motherhood ;) Lidia and her son Zac do wakeboarding, windsurfing, longboarding, snowboarding. Kitesurfing is a new lovely thing in their life. Lidia believes that trust in the power of the wind is something really special and she respects this power a lot. Lidia makes videos and writes about attachment, truth and passion in life. Many parents look up to her asking for advice. They ask Lidia not only where to find good direction in kids upbringing but also where to buy the best first skateboard for their little board lovers. Lidia can’t sit still and is open to human diversity which makes her life truly picturesque. At the moment she is moving to the cottage near the forest in the suburbs of her hometown to do outdoor kidsitting, homeschooling and breathe deeply.

Favorite boardProseries

Kasia Jaworska

I make my dreams come true, which is why I'm here. I love my family, meet people, travel around the world. If you really know how to love, you will never feel alone. You have to be determined to turn desire into action.

Favorite boardOn The Edge Cla

Piotr Zabierzowski

Who am I ? World – a strange combination of human desires and natural forces, constant chaos created by relatively week and hairless creatures-US. From the other side a million-years-old order driven by elements, and supervised by the life itself, Silence of the nature, beauty of the elements. I am a part of that world, riding waves, crossing flat, or just feeling sea breeze somewhere on the beach, far from the big city lights. Call me Piter, I am a kite surfer for 12 years, instructor , freestyler, kite traveler and blogger. That’s what I live for.

Favorite boardOn The Edge Carbon

Katarzyna Jaklewicz

I started kitesurfing in 2014 in Vietnam and got hooked right from the start. Immediately, I noticed that girls are only a small minority of kitesurfers at every spot around the world. Which is a shame because this sport is perfect for girls! It’s all about the skills (not the strength) and doesn’t require great level of fitness to start. What is more, it can be done by girls (and boys) of all ages and sizes! I decided to do something about it and in 2015 I set up a community for Girls Who Love Kitesurfing Since 2016 I have been organizing Kite&Wake Camps for girls who dream about trying it or want to make a progress in a friendly, supportive environment. I am so proud of all the girls who join us! There is no biggersatisfaction than to see them overcoming initial difficulties and enjoying their first waterstarts with a full smile on!

Favorite boardProseries

Kamil Ryskala

Jestem osobą, która lubi przenosić sport ekstremalny na wyższy poziom. Pasjonata kitesurfingu i podróżnik. Odkrywanie nowych miejsc i ludzi to skutek uboczny tego sportu. Dla mnie sezon się nie kończy, latam cały rok ;)

Favorite board: On The Edge Hybrid