About us

SU-2 since 1999

SU-2 Kiteboards was born out of a love for kitesurfing. We are pioneers in the production of kitesurfing boards in Europe, and our first board was shaped in 1999: just as the sport was taking off. Our team is a creative mix of passion and experience. As a result, each of our boards is a one-of-a-kind work of art; a handmade piece “with soul”! The high quality of materials used and our boards’ durable construction and reliability on the water, coupled with an artistic design that brings everything together are all the reasons behind the success of our products. We shape all the main parts of our boards by hand, and we pay attention to every detail, creating individual solutions customized to fit the needs of beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike. The attention to detail and no-compromise quality of our products has helped us catch the wave of success. Today, SU-2 is a globally recognized brand. We’ve created unique, top-of-the-line collections, we’ve been profiled in prestigious industry magazines, and our boards are skimming over the water the world over. No matter which model you choose or the surfing style you prefer, you can be sure of one thing: you’ll discover a new dimension of kitesurfing on an SU-2 board!

Head of Shape - Mariusz Karaźniewicz

For years, the chief designer and creator of the SU-2 Kiteboards brand. One of the leading board producers in the world, Mariusz is a real magician and top professional in the field. He knows everything there is to know about boards... and can go on about them passionately for hours! He’s always perfecting new models, which he personally tests in the most extreme conditions. Mariusz got his start sailing, where he reached the maximum possible levels and qualifications. Later, he moved on to boatbuilding. He built and repaired boats and yachts, and then started shaping windsurfing boards. But it was kitesurfing that would end up consuming him. He was one of the pioneers of the discipline and one of the sport’s first instructors in Poland. His talent and commitment soon brought results when he won the prestigious Focus Cup in 2003 on a board he made himself. Today, kitesurfing enthusiasts are riding his work all around the world.